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2023-07-21 — Market Review Mid-Year Market Commentary
During the first six months of 2023, several factors have impacted the global economy and stock markets. Rising inflation, stress on the balance sheets of US regional banks, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence were among the most influential factors. We will review each of these elements and then explain how they contributed to the current state of the markets.
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2023-05-18 — Insights Do I (will I) have enough savings to retire?
Defined benefit pension plans, under which employers commit to pay a pension to their retired employees for the remainder of their lives, are becoming much less common. As a result, a growing proportion of the population must finance its own retirement.
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2023-04-24 — Market Review A volatile first quarter
Both equity and fixed income markets wrapped up a volatile first quarter that included a wild swing in interest rate expectations, a mini bank crisis culminating in the forced take-over of Credit Suisse and even an oil supply shock as OPEC unexpectedly announced production cuts.
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2022-02-19 — Market Review Market Review - Fourth Quarter 2021
2021 was another year of turmoil marked by new COVID variants, disruptions of supply chains and inflation levels never experienced for many investors. Despite this backdrop, equities had a strong year...
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2021-11-16 — Market Review Market Review - Third Quarter 2021
In Q3, we saw a shift in the narrative as investors' expectations, driven by strong economic data and corporate profitability, were counter-balanced by high inflation resulting from supply chain disruptions.
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