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2024-04-22 — Market Review First Quarter Market Review
The equity markets continued their upward trajectory following a robust fourth quarter in 2023. Several benchmarks even set new records in the first quarter of 2024.
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2024-04-10 — Insights Looking abroad for better returns?
In this article from the Les Affaires newspaper, Alexandre Legault discusses the importance of diversifying one's portfolio by targeting international markets.
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2024-01-23 — Market Review 2023 A volatile but positive year
It was a good year for the markets in terms of performance, despite the pessimism of forecasters and the high volatility. Looking at the ups and downs of the chart for the Canadian stock index below, it’s easy to understand how investors sometimes felt like everything was going well while at other times, it was going badly.
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2023-12-22 — Insights FHSA demystified
The First Home Savings Account (FHSA) was first introduced in the 2022 federal budget. Since then, investment firms have adjusted to be able to offer this new investment account to their clients. Below we summarize the main points of this new savings vehicle.
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2023-10-20 — Market Review Q3 2023 Market Commentary
After solid gains in the first half of 2023, equities posted a negative return in the third quarter. Bonds also retreated over the past three months as interest rates rose and “higher for longer” has become the new mantra for interest rates.
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2023-07-21 — Market Review Mid-Year Market Commentary
During the first six months of 2023, several factors have impacted the global economy and stock markets. Rising inflation, stress on the balance sheets of US regional banks, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence were among the most influential factors. We will review each of these elements and then explain how they contributed to the current state of the markets.
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